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by Footprint Social Media Group August 29, 2011 09:53a.m.

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Does Social Media Help with SEO?

ANSWER: Yes - Social Media is a new factor in the search engine ranking algorithm, but what is not known, is the weight on the scale of importance. Considering Google's new found interest in social media with the controversial launch of Google Plus, or Google+, you can bet your white hat that you better be doing your social media homework. Lets make some assumptions and dive into the mind of Google. Would you say it's a safe bet to assume that Google acquired Blogger to analyze what writers felt like writing about organically? The ability to study the blog network to better assess what's "noteworthy" or "worth a mention" from popular bloggers would make sense. Think about it. If they are writing about you on the blogs, then you are probably important, right? Lets just say, we have our theories.

Now, lets hypothesize about social media for a moment. Would you say it's safe to assume people enjoy sharing things they are passionate about with their closest friends? Would it make sense for Google to want total control of a Social Media environment in order to have complete access to this information? Would this data enable Google the ability to further analyze your online behavior to better refine the search results they serve up to Googlers. Just think about it! Anyway, on to the buttons!

Ah, all social media buttons in one place! We got tired of hunting down these share buttons when we needed them, so we put them all on one page for reference. We will maintain this page to ensure the buttons are always using the latest styles, so bookmark us if you want to make sure you've got the latest buttons. Enjoy!

Google +1 Share Buttons

Google +1 Buttons

Smallest Google+1 Button

Medium Google +1 Button

Normal Google +1 Button

Tall Google +1 Button

HTML Code: (example)

Facebook Share Buttons

Facebook Like Buttons
(light background)

Like + Count

Like + Names

Like + Send + Names

Like + Send + Names + Faces

Like + Count (Box Style)

Like + Count + Send + Faces (Box Style)

HTML Code: (light background)

Facebook Like Buttons
(dark background)

Like + Count

Like + Count + Faces + Send

Like + Count + Send

Like + Count + Faces

HTML Code: (dark background)

Twitter Share Buttons

Twitter Follow Button

Light Scheme - Twitter Follow

Dark Scheme - Twitter Follow

HTML Code: (example)

Reddit Share Buttons

Reddit Buttons

Reddit 1

Reddit 2

HTML Code: (example)

Digg Share Buttons

Digg Buttons

Digg Compact

Digg Medium

Digg Medium

Digg Icon

HTML Code: (example)

LinkedIn Share Buttons

LinkedIn Buttons

LinkedIn Vertical

LinkedIn Horizontal

LinkedIn No Count

HTML Code: (example)

StumbleUpon Share Buttons

StumbleUpon Buttons

HTML Code: (example)

Delicious Share Buttons

Delicious Buttons