[Solved] Remove Xfinity Comcast from Browser

by Footprint Apple Tech February 8, 2012 11:57p.m.
Comcast XFinity Browser Spyware

Problem: Comcast setup installs Xfinity toolbar into Browser

We recently setup a Comcast internet account and we opted for the $10.00 do-it-yourself kit rather than pay $35.00 for a Comcast technician come out and install it for us.

A few days later the package arrived with the rented modem, cables and a disc.

We simply plugged in the modem into our cable jack and after a few frustrating restarts, and power cycling we got the Xfinity page to pull up in our browser.

Install What?!! Are you kidding me

It forced us to put in the provided disc to complete the registration and actually get online. What we didn't know, was that it was basically installing a piece of software that takes over your browser homepage and toolbar. After some mucking around we got rid of the Xfinity spyware.

How to Remove Xfinity Toolbar from FireFox Browser (Mac)

Step 1) Click the arrow in the toolbar select Manage Search Engines

Step 2) Select Manage Search Engines

Remove Comcast XFinity Toolbar Browser

Step 3) Select Xfinity

Step 4) Click Remove, Click OK

Step 5) Click OK

Remove Comcast XFinity Toolbar Browser

Change FireFox Homepage: Getting rid of Xfinity

  • Step 1) Click Firefox in top left corner of the screen
  • Step 2) Click Preferences in the dropdown.
  • Step 3) Enter the url of your choice in the Home Page input box, then close the preferences window. Done.
Change Firefox Homepage Remove Comcast XFinity Toolbar Browser