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FAA Small Business Asset Tracking Solutions

Since 2004, Footprint has been developing a product that has evolved into one of the most highly sought after asset tracking systems around, codenamed LCATS (Lifecycle Asset Tracking System). LCATS is a highly scalable software / webware unlike any other asset management system in the world. It has the ability to track an infinite amount of data points and can be fully customized for any type of inventory system, point of sale, purchase order tracking, sales tracking, or business intelligence system for any enterprise or government level need. LCATS is currently used for Air Ground Voice Communications, Power Services, DME and other equipment areas of the FAA.

DOD and DLA Fuel Supply Solutions

Footprint Technologies is currently registered with the DOD and DLA to propose a number of unique fuel supply solutions. Please take a look at our Energy page for more information on what we can do for you as a government purchaser.

Commercial & Enterprise Solutions

When it comes to large scale database systems, mobile apps, or dynamic websites, Footprint Technologies can solve any problem you have with your existing product, or build you a custom solution for your exact needs and requirements. Our industry experience extends to banking, stock market & financial services, education systems, marketing & social media, telecom, retail systems, sales applications, museums, aerospace, content management systems, custom directory, celebrity websites, event management, employee management and much more.

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